Vehicle tracking security for Ford Mustang GT500 muscle car

We installed vehicle tracking security for this original Ford Mustang GT500 fastback in Sydney

Get a car alarm for a Ford Mustang

The owner of this ’67 Ford Mustang said he wanted to get a vehicle tracking security system installed in his muscle car. He mentioned it was a fastback, but I didn’t expect to turn up with the Classic Car Security mobile installation van to see an original GT500. Not only are these rare, but they are a true muscle car in every sense of the word. 



So I wasn’t really surprised that the owner wanted to reduce the chances of theft for such a valuable classic Ford muscle car. An immobiliser might be a good idea but it still means the vehicle could be lifted onto a flat bed truck or even towed away. So installing a tracking system means you can locate the vehicle quickly using a mobile phone or computer.  


The car owner chose our VT5 Fleet Vehicle Tracking unit that can be controlled using a laptop or smartphone to track the vehicle. So it means he can check on his phone while he is out and about or his wife or office workers can check via a laptop as a back up. 


Even though this is a classic car, the installation was fairly straight forward as we have installed thousands of products on old Mustangs over the years. We were very careful to make sure there was no damage to any of the car’s interior surfaces or engine bay to maintain the original factory condition.

Mustang GT500 kit

So for the rest of us who can’t afford an original GT500, you could try build a replica or if you are really strapped for cash, Lego have a great Creator Kit that is much more affordable, one for the car lovers.

Ford Mustang GT500 kit
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Nigel Apps

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