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Good 'ol Smokey and the Bandit lives. We installed an alarm and tracker to this Pontiac Trans Am classic muscle car in Brisbane

Car alarm installer for American muscle cars in Brisbane

Ok, come on, who doesn’t know the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am from the Smokey and the Bandit movie series? It is one of those classic cult car lovers movies from the 1970’s and was released a couple of years before Dukes of Hazzard with the famous General Lee. We install car alarms in American muscle cars in the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tweed Heads area.

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Car alarms installed for muscle cars from 1980 or earlier in Brisbane

Every real car enthusiast will know that most vehicles in the 1970’s didn’t have immobilisers, vehicle trackers or even car alarms. A lot of auto electricians would wire up ‘kill switches’ that would disconnect the power between the ignition barrel and the battery. These would be hidden under the dash, beneath a seat or even disguised as a factory button for the radio or something like that.

These were effective as it meant a thief couldn’t start the vehicle and drive off. Although these days it can mean the vehicle is hooked up to a tow truck or dragged onto a flat bed vehicle and driven away.

A lot of people will ignore the loud sound of a car alarm siren so your best option for 1970’s vintage vehicles is to install an immobiliser & vehicle tracker. It means the car can’t be moved and in the case that it does, it can be located quickly.

That is why we install the latest immobilisers, car alarms or GPS vehicle tracking systems to old muscle cars in Brisbane, Tweed Heads and Gold Coast.

Car alarm installation in Queensland

Our car alarm installation service in Brisbane provides a mobile install option, so we come to you. Classic Car Security was contacted by the owner of this numbers matching 1979 Pontiac Trans Am that was in immaculate condition. This American muscle car was left hand drive and in amazing condition for its age. The owner contracted us to install a car alarm & a vehicle tracking system to keep it safe from thieves.

Even though original models of the Trans Am are rare there are a few knock offs floating about as owners decide to put a few stickers on the vehicle & changed the wheels to look like a real Fire Bird. 

For collectors who are keeping these types of American or Australia muscle cars as an investment you want the peace of mind of knowing that if the vehicle did get stolen you can recover it quickly. The installation of a vehicle tracking system will also mean the insurance companies will look at it favourably as well.

As always, our mobile installation service in Brisbane makes sure everything is quite stealthy so you don’t have to worry about damaging the interior, you don’t see any real evidence of our car alarm installations, so it maintains the vehicle’s value too.  Our car alarm mobile installation service covers all areas of the Gold Cost, Tweed Heads, Byron Bay and Brisbane metro area so it means you can keep your vehicle safe at your location, minimise any km’s being put on it & have peace of mind knowing it is being worked on where you can see it.

Car alarm installs for classic and muscle cars in Brisbane

Classic cars, especially those built in 1980 or earlier, often lack the modern security features present in today’s vehicles. However, there are several aftermarket options that owners can consider to enhance the security of their classic cars. Here’s a list of some popular security devices suitable for older vehicles:

1. Immobilisers:
Electronic Immobilisers: Prevents the engine from starting unless the correct key or fob is used.
Mechanical Immobilisers: Devices like steering wheel locks or gearshift locks that physically hinder the thief from driving the car away.

2. Vehicle GPS Tracker:
Real-Time Tracking: Allows the owner to monitor the car’s location in real-time via smartphone or computer.
Geo-Fencing: Sends alerts if the car moves beyond a predefined area.

3. Car Alarms:
Audio Alerts: Emits loud noises when unauthorized access is attempted.
Silent Alarms: Sends a silent alert to the owner’s phone or the security company.

4. Steering Column Locks:
A mechanical device that locks the steering wheel in place, preventing it from being turned.

5. Hidden Kill Switch:
A switch hidden within the car that needs to be activated for the car to start. It disrupts the fuel pump or the ignition system unless toggled.

6. Wheel Locks:
Similar to those used on bicycles, these can be used to physically secure the vehicle’s wheels.

7. Window Etching:
The VIN or a unique ID number is etched onto the car’s windows, making it less attractive to thieves as it can be easily identified.

8. Interior Motion Detectors:
Sensors inside the vehicle that trigger an alarm if motion is detected.

9. Security Cameras:
Installing surveillance cameras in the garage or parking area as a deterrent and means of capturing footage of potential thieves.

Each classic car is unique, so owners should consider a combination of these security measures to tailor-fit their needs. The aim is to make the theft as complicated as possible and to quickly locate and recover the vehicle if stolen. Also, it’s crucial to remember the basics: always lock your car, avoid leaving valuables inside, and park in a secure, well-lit location whenever possible.

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Nigel Apps
Nigel Apps

I love working on classic cars to install all types of security systems, reversing cameras and more. I've been doing it for over 30 years and even have my own muscle car that I restored myself.

You can get a car alarm installed on a classic sports car, muscle car or vehicle from your collection. I can visit your location with my mobile installation service to install a kill switch, immobiliser or GPS vehicle tracking system. Classic Car Security has been operating for many years on thousands of different vehicles. 

We service suburbs between Brisbane and Byron Bay from our workshop located on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

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