Jet Ski GPS Tracker installation Gold Coast

Jet skis are a popular play thing on the Gold Coast. We can install a GPS Tracker to make sure your one never gets lost or stolen

Waterproof GPS Tracker for jet ski's or boats

  • Waterproof jet ski security device
  • GPS Tracking that works with phone or laptop
  • Mobile installation at a marina or garage

Ok you might be wondering why is a Jet Ski getting shown on a ‘Classic Car Security’ website. Even I am thinking that as I type this, but it is a great example of the range of vehicle security products that we can sell and install on the Gold Coast, even on boats.

We can install a waterproof GPS tracker onto a jet ski or boat that lets you ‘see’ where it is via a mobile phone or your laptop. Our installation service is completely mobile, so that means we can install it at a marina, your house or even a storage yard.

Instead of going through the hassle of having your water vessel stolen, processing insurance claims etc you can literally go to the location the jet ski has been taken to. In other situations it could be used if there was a storm or big tidal surge that washes it down a waterway and away from the moorings.


Can you prevent a jet ski being stolen?

Personal watercraft like a jet ski are prone to theft due to their size, even in broad daylight in a driveway or at the marina. They are normally stored on a small trailer making it easy for thieves to just back up and hook on. It can happen so fast that the neighbours may not even notice, or if they do, they may think that someone is just being allowed to borrow the jet skis and not realise they are being stolen.

So you want to try make it as hard as possible for them to be stolen, here are our tips;

  • Remove your lanyard, key, or any other control device.
  • Lock your trailer to your hitch.
  • Lock your hitch to your towing vehicle if you can.
  • Lock your craft to your trailer.
  • Use wheel locks on the trailer.
  • Store them in a garage so they are out of sight
  • Get ground anchors installed to restrain the trailer.

The popularity of jet skis on the Gold Coast and their ease of transport make them easy and very tempting targets for thieves. Anyone who has ever had their craft stolen knows the heartbreak of realising the craft is gone. Many people leave their ski on a trailer which is easy for someone to steal.  Our gps trackers offer movement alerts that will notify you if your jet ski is moved.

Can you put a GPS tracker on a jet ski

Well, yes you can put a GPS tracker on a jet ski, there are different real time GPS tracking devices that you can buy & get installed. They are specifically designed for this type of application and give you real time tracking information. 

They are useful whether the jet ski is on the water or being towed behind a car, the tracker is always on so that you can find its location.  Therefore it suits different situations like storing a jet ski at a marina or even if you leave it in your driveway on a trailer.

A Jet Ski GPS tracker is small, waterproof and rugged so it can be installed almost anywhere on your ski.  There are mounting holes if you choose to do a semi-permenant install, otherwise, there are many elastic straps holding down your fuel tank, battery, etc that can be used as well. 

We can give you a quote to work out how much it will cost
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Nigel Apps

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