Dash cam installer for Kawasaki motorcycles Gold Coast

We can install a dash cam on a motorcycle so you can record everything front and rear of your bike - see how

Front and rear dash cam installer for motorcycles

  • Brand new dash cam installation for motorcycles
  • Front and rear facing cameras
  • Handlebar mounted screen

Ok so we don’t think a motorcycle has a dash in the same sense as a car, but this Kawasaki motorcycle owner had a dash cam installed on his bike. We can install a front and rear facing camera that is then wired to the display screen that is mounted around the handlebar area. 

Dash cams are made to be small enough to be used on motorcycles to give a rider peace of mind by being able to record what is happening around them. Australian motorists are not as used to having lots of motorbike riders around them compared to other countries in Asia or Europe. 

So you get lots of incidents where drivers say they ‘didn’t see’ the motorcyclist. Having dash cam footage can help prove what happened if an incident was to occur. While it adds a bit of complexity to the bike itself a dash cam can be installed to provide great functionality for a rider.


Can you use a dash cam on a motorcycle?

There are different models of motorcycle dash cam that you can choose from but generally speaking they will be a two-channel system that can record in full HD front or rear with a wide viewing angle. 

The cameras are IP rated so they can deal with the dirt and dust from the road and they will also have electronic image stabilisation maybe even with built-in gyro sensors or  and video enhancement technology so the footage is clear. Most will also operate well at night time so you can still capture everything. 

There are different products to choose from that will suit different motorcycles depending on the manufacturer, age and space available around the frame. We can give you a quote to work out how much it will cost

Where can a dash cam on a motorcycle be installed?

We do mobile installations for dash cams which means we can visit your home or office to install a system onto your motorcycle. We can also install cruise control, an immobiliser, alarm or GPS tracking system to a motorbike to improve its security as well.

Dash Cams have become very popular in cars, but our INNOV product range can be used on motorbikes as well.  Just like the dash cam in a car, it has its own Wi-Fi signal to connect to your smart phone too so that you have peace of mind when riding on the roads around the Gold Coast.

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