Car security installer for a 1963 Chevy truck

This Chevy pick up truck needed a new alarm, door switches and GPS tracker to keep it safe from thieves

Car alarm and immobiliser fitted to an old Chevy

  • New Smart Alarm installed
  • New GPS tracking system installed
  • New door switches installed


How good does the patina look on this classic Chevy pickup truck? You don’t see many of these on the road around the Gold Coast. With the roads getting taken over by modern utes and pick up trucks it is refreshing to see a classic vehicle like this Chev. Although the downside is that it is a target for thieves who want to steal these types of vehicles and strip them for parts.

A young bloke, Luca, owns this truck and loves it. He has done some work to it, given it a lowered stance, but retained most of its original features to give it that modern, but retro look. What we installed was a new Smart Alarm and GPS Tracker. The new car alarm system has two points of immobilisation and the GPS tracking device has another one making it a three point immobiliser system that will provide amazing security levels.

To get all this working we also had to install new door switches because of the age of the vehicle. These had to be wired into the interior light circuit.

The installation of this anti-theft security system is done in a way that doesn’t change or damage any parts of the vehicle, you don’t even know it is there. This is important if you want a completely ‘stock’ look retained for your vehicle.

Car alarms for old Chevy utes or trucks installed

Vehicle GPS tracker module for classic car alarm systems
Owning an old Chevy truck these days is pretty rare so over time it does become harder to find spare parts, get it serviced or even find a specialist that can do upgrades or modifications. To retain or even improve the value of a classic car it is important to keep as much as possible in its original condition, unless it is a ‘restomod’ of course.
One of the things we spend a lot of time doing when we are installing any type of immobiliser, alarm or tracker to any old vehicle is to check with the owner first about what can or can’t be modified.
We will then make sure we carry out the installation in a way that doesn’t damage any of the dash areas, door trims or window surrounds. We can come up with customised ways to install these modern security devices even though the older cars weren’t designed to incorporate them. 

Classic car kill switch vs immobiliser

Back in the old days we would install what people would call a “classic car kill switch” which was simply an on / off switch that cut the circuit between the battery, starter motor or the ignition. They would be hidden in a place that only the owner knew about or sometimes the really clever installations would be in plain sight, but disguised as a cigarette lighter or something else on the dash that people wouldn’t realise what it was.
Kill switches were pretty common back in the 1980’s because modern car alarms, immobilisers or GPS Tracking Systems hadn’t really become mainstream for consumers to purchase. It was the simplest way to try and prevent a vehicle from being stolen.
We can probably rig up a kill switch for a Chevy truck if you really wanted one. Although the choice of immobilisers and other classic car security devices available would be a better choice and more reliable. You could even combine this with a dash cam to record any activity around the vehicle.
One of the benefits of how we do car alarm system installations is that we can work closely with you to customise the solution that is placed into the vehicle and how it is done. With a wide range of vehicle security products on the market we can advise what may or may not be suitable for your application. 

Mobile car alarm installer Gold Coast

The other huge benefit that we offer as a mobile car alarm installer on the Gold Coast is that if you don’t want to drive your vehicle or it is in a storage facility, then we can come to you. It means you can keep your vehicle secure, don’t have to drive it in the rain or risk driving it on busy public roads.
Our mobile installation van carries all the tools, wiring and equipment needed to install practically anything you need. Also because we are 100% independent you get to choose the best anti-theft device for your classic car rather than be limited to whatever a retail shop may have on the shelf. 

You basically get to deal directly with a car alarm supplier so that you can get a classic car tracking device installed or even an alarm fitted.

Dash cam installation for old cars

We are getting asked lots of questions about dash cam installations for older cars, especially American muscle cars or even British or European classic cars. The simple answer is we can install a dash cam into nearly any vehicle. Adding a dash cam to your vehicle can be done at the same time as getting a new car alarm installed or in a separate mobile installation booking.


The dash cam model that is suitable for you to buy and have installed will depend on your budget, age of vehicle and the type of install you would like. We can help you determine which one will be most suitable for your requirements though as we have worked with lots of different brands and products over the years.


Aftermarket car security system installer for American utes and trucks

If you own an American muscle car like an Chevy, Ford or Pontiac we can install any type of immobiliser, alarm or GPS tracking system to reduce the chances of your muscle car getting stolen. Depending on the model of car alarm you choose & the type of installation for your vehicle it may even work off a single key fob to make life simple and easy.
We can give you a quote to work out how much it will cost
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Nigel Apps
Nigel Apps

I love working on classic cars to install all types of security systems, reversing cameras and more. I've been doing it for over 30 years and even have my own muscle car that I restored myself.

You can get a car alarm installed on a classic sports car, muscle car or vehicle from your collection. I can visit your location with my mobile installation service to install a kill switch, immobiliser or GPS vehicle tracking system. Classic Car Security has been operating for many years on thousands of different vehicles. 

We service suburbs between Brisbane and Byron Bay from our workshop located on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

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