Car alarm and GPS tracker installed in a 1994 Toyota Supra

JDM classics are becoming so valueable and collectible. We installed a new car alarm and GPS tracker into this '94 Supra to keep it safe from thieves

Car alarms and GPS Trackers installed in Toyota vehicles

  • New car alarm installed
  • New GPS tracker installed
  • Discrete installation with just a small flashing LED light

Jump onto and look up any 80’s or 90’s Japanese sports car and make sure you are sitting down before you take in the pricing. Supra, Corolla, Skyline, Silvia’s and other classic Japanese vehicles have increased in value with some nut and bolt restorations selling for $80,000 or more.

Steve is the owner of this awesome looking wide body Supra, a 1994 Japanese sports car that didn’t have any car security installed. So the owner chose to get a new anti theft car alarm with GPS Tracker installed. This type of Smart Alarm combined with the GPS Tracker will create three points of immobilisation with the siren, shock sensor and the live tracking.

We made sure everything was installed very discretely so the only thing you notice is a small flashing LED light so that you know it is armed. We didn’t modify the doors, dash or any other part of the vehicle which helps to retain its authenticity.


Do you have to install an alarm in old JDM classic cars?

It is important to check if your insurance company requires you to have either an immobiliser, car alarm or GPS tracking system fitted to your classic car. It can help reduce your premium but more important can help you actually get insurance in the first place. At the end of the day it is all about managing risk, so if it is hard to move the vehicle and/or it is easy to locate with GPS tracking if it is stolen then the insurance companies are more likely to provide cover.

There are different products to choose from that will suit different vehicles depending on the manufacturer, age and existing set up. We can give you a quote to work out how much it will cost

Can JDM classic cars have dash cam or reversing camera installed?

The other aspect to consider when trying to take care of your JDM classic car is what happens when you are driving on the roads. We can help install a suitable dash cam that can record front and rear to capture any incidents while driving on the road, this footage can be used with police or insurance companies. 

We can also install a reversing camera that can either connect to your existing stereo head unit or replace your rear view mirror to give you a multi function device that switches on/off when you reverse.

When these are combined with an immobiliser it maximises your chances of protecting your vehicle from theft and other road users. Our mobile installation service on the Gold Coast can visit your storage facility, garage or security building where your vehicle is stored to get the work completed.

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Nigel Apps
Nigel Apps

I love working on classic cars to install all types of security systems, reversing cameras and more. I've been doing it for over 30 years and even have my own muscle car that I restored myself.

You can get a car alarm installed on a classic sports car, muscle car or vehicle from your collection. I can visit your location with my mobile installation service to install a kill switch, immobiliser or GPS vehicle tracking system. Classic Car Security has been operating for many years on thousands of different vehicles. 

We service suburbs between Brisbane and Byron Bay from our workshop located on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

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