Aftermarket reversing camera installed Ford BF Falcon FPV Ute

The rear of the Ford Falcon BF Ute is hard to see out the back of so we installed a new reversing camera that integrates with the factory stereo system

Reversing camera installed that works with the factory stereo

  • New reversing camera installed
  • Discrete mounting near the number plate
  • Integrates with the factory fitted stereo system 


The Ford Falcon BF range was manufactured with lots of great features, but for this BF FPV Ute it didn’t have a reversing camera. Now that the utes are no longer manufactured some are calling these vehicles classic cars, the last of their kind in Australia now that the big utes have taken over the market.

If you own a Ford or Holden ute that doesn’t have a reversing camera it is pretty easy to get an aftermarket unit installed in your vehicle. There are different options available including;

– installing a separate dash mounted screen connected to the camera

– installing a rear view mirror that has a built in digital screen

– getting a rear view camera that is compatible with the factory fitted stereo system and LCD screen.

The cost will vary from $300 to $1800 depending on the manufacturer, age of the vehicle and the actual model of reversing camera chosen. For this ute owner they wanted a simple system that worked with the built in screen that operated the stereo system and other controls.

This type of unit is a bit more expensive but gives you the convienience of being able to use all the existing hardware inside your vehicle. As soon as you put your vehicle into reverse the LCD screen for the stereo switches over to show the vision out the rear via the camera.


Aftermarket reversing camera mobile installer for Ford or Holden utes

If you own a Ford or Holden ute we can install any type of aftermarket immobiliser, alarm, GPS tracking system, dash cam or reversing camera. You can reduce the chances of your vehicle getting stolen and maybe even reduce your insurance premiums too. Depending on the model of car alarm you choose & the type of installation for your vehicle it may even work off a single key fob to make life simple and easy.
We can give you a quote to work out how much it will cost
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Nigel Apps
Nigel Apps

I love working on classic cars to install all types of security systems, reversing cameras and more. I've been doing it for over 30 years and even have my own muscle car that I restored myself.

You can get a car alarm installed on a classic sports car, muscle car or vehicle from your collection. I can visit your location with my mobile installation service to install a kill switch, immobiliser or GPS vehicle tracking system. Classic Car Security has been operating for many years on thousands of different vehicles. 

We service suburbs between Brisbane and Byron Bay from our workshop located on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

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